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Intel Ignite

Intel® Ignite is Intel's global startup program for early-stage deep tech companies.

We select startups that develop break-through technologies and help them to
• find product-market fit, faster.
• build better teams to build more successful companies, faster.
• get in front of bigger, better clients, faster, and
• raise more funding at better terms, faster.

We unlock the growth of our portfolio startups by providing
• access to world-leading experts in technology, productization, manufacturing, and commercialization,
• a preferred path to the best deep tech investors, and
• unparalleled knowledge, resources, and networks.

The program itself is non-dilutive (i.e., we don't invest or take equity) but highly selective (below 3% acceptance rate) and requires substantial time commitment and engagement from the participating startups. In return, we don't sell, we don't charge but we do whatever is needed to make our portfolio companies (you!) more successful, faster.

And the results speak for themselves: since the program’s launch in 2019, our 176 participating companies have raised close to $3bn in funding, and exited for more than $1bn.

So, do you have what it takes to get into one of the world's most challenging and competitive accelerator programs?

If yes, apply here:

Intel Ignite
Intel Ignite
Intel Ignite
Intel Ignite
Intel Ignite
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