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One on One

Arts & Culture, Space


Cosmic Connectivity: Jonathon Keats' Vision for Intergalactic Community

27.6.24, 10:50



Future Box

Join us for a compelling conversation with experimental philosopher Jonathon Keats as he unveils his latest groundbreaking projects at Festival der Zukunft. Explore the Stellar Tanning Salon, where visitors can bask in the simulated light of stars such as Vega and Betelgeuse, bringing the experience of space to Earth. Discover the cosmic archipelago on Museum Island, a creative installation that invites beings from across the universe to mingle and enjoy Martian and terrestrial mineral waters. Keats will discuss how these projects aim to democratize space tourism and foster a sense of cosmic community. Delve into the science and philosophy behind these experiences that seek to bridge the gap between humanity and the cosmos, promoting accessibility and interstellar connection.

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