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Guided Tour

Space, Society, Arts & Culture, Artificial Intelligence


GUIDED TOUR: Zooming Out: From City Streets to Galactic Skies

28.6.24, 09:30



Experience Area

Embark on an enlightening guided tour through the Experience Area, where you'll gain a fresh perspective on the interconnectedness of our world and beyond. Begin your journey on Earth with an exploration of how digital twins of cities can revolutionize urban life, paving the way for harmonious coexistence. Next, zoom out to the regional scale and uncover innovative approaches to resolving societal conflicts surrounding the energy transition. Expand your view further to the cosmos, where space data reveals solutions to global challenges and sheds light on the threat of space debris. Conclude your adventure by basking under the glow of distant stars in our interstellar solarium. This tour will inspire you to see the world from new, expansive vantage points, illustrating how stepping back can illuminate the path to solving our future challenges together.


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