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Interactive Session

Arts & Culture, Innovation, Society, XR


Reimagining Future Architecture Through the Lens of Immersive Cinema

28.6.24, 10:25



Future Box

In this presentation, Sergey Prokofyev merges the worlds of architecture and immersive cinema to propose a reimagining of future urban environments. Drawing from his dual expertise as an architect and filmmaker, Sergey illustrates how cutting-edge immersive technologies, such as Unreal Engine 5 and immersive domes, can transform architectural design and urban planning. He delves into how these technologies not only enhance the way we visualize and interact with space but also how they can significantly impact our emotional and psychological engagement with our surroundings. Through a blend of cinematic storytelling and interactive experiences, the presentation explores the potential of immersive cinema to craft more dynamic, sustainable, and human-centric urban landscapes. Sergey's approach advocates for an architecture that transcends traditional blueprints and models, inviting us to experience and shape our cities through a continuous, immersive dialogue between the internal and external, the cognitive and affective.

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