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Web3, Society, Future of the Web


We Need a Fundamentally New Human Right: The Right to Digital Integrity

27.6.24, 13:00



Theater Stage

The information age brings with it new technologies that present both opportunities and risks for the free and democratic order: For example, artificial intelligence enables new surveillance methods such as chat control, facial recognition and social scoring, which threaten people's freedom. Digital ID cards, electronic central bank money and e-voting also create further opportunities for surveillance. New business models are based on analysing people so precisely that behavioural predictions can be made about them - for example, which political party someone will vote for. The interplay between surveillance capitalism and the surveillance state poses major problems for the free formation of will.

This is why we need a fundamentally new human right: the right to digital integrity - to create the conditions for human-friendly digitalisation by minimising threats to democracy and strengthening people's self-determination.

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