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Speakers 2024

Karen Stock

Senior Consultant Strategic Foresight

2b AHEAD ThinkTank

Karen Stock is expert in strategic foresight and innovation, currently works as a Senior Consultant at 2b AHEAD ThinkTank GmbH. She holds a Master’s degree in Futures Studies from Freie Universität Berlin and a MicroMaster in Managing Disruptive Change and Customer-Centric Innovation from RWTH Aachen. Karen excels in guiding individuals, startups, and corporations through complexity and uncertainty, helping them develop sustainable growth strategies and embrace change with positivity.

Central to Karen’s approach in critical futures research is the questioning of underlying assumptions and the exploration of alternative futures to challenge the status quo. She emphasizes inclusivity and ethical responsibility in her foresight practices, ensuring that diverse perspectives shape the development of future scenarios. By integrating artistic and scientific methodologies, Karen creates multidimensional and actionable images of the future.

At the 1E9 Festival der Zukunft in Munich, Karen will bring her extensive expertise to inspire and engage participants in envisioning and shaping desirable futures. Her mission is to empower attendees to navigate the future with confidence, using a variety of ideation methods, scenario techniques, and strategic tools. Karen's work is driven by a commitment to sustainability, ethical foresight, and the creation of inclusive and desirable futures.


Speaker at 1E9 Events

Festival der Zukunft 2024

Festival der Zukunft 2024

Karen Stock
Festival der Zukunft 2024
Festival der Zukunft 2024
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