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1E9 had a lot of speakers since 2019. You can browse through them here.

#Art #Motionsickness #Virtualreality

Angela Stiegler

Visual Artist

Akademie der Bildenden Künste Nürnberg

I am a sculptor working as a performer and video artist. The needs of my own body clash with technological burdens. I create set ups that sometimes take the shape of exercise formats in order to involve others and reframe body politics and technological developments.
The exercise series Motion Sickness Exercise (2022) uses the weak spot of virtual reality technology as a tool to negotiate physical states: sickness – wellness – madness.  A series of exercises has been put into practice to enable knowledge production through the body as an innovative technique.

Sessions (TBD)

Speaker at 1E9 Events

Festival der Zukunft 2022

Festival der Zukunft 2022

Angela Stiegler
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