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1E9 had a lot of speakers since 2019. You can browse through them here.

Anne Wichmann

CEO / Co-Founder

She's Excited, Inc / ARORA / XRE (Extended Reality Ensemble)

Anne Wichmann is a visionary, curator and program manager of interactive and immersive showcases. She co-founded the AR network ARORA to realize her idea of bringing gender expansive monuments into our public landscape. So far exhibitions are running in NYC, Venice and Munich. The showcase in Frankfurt was presented at the Google I/O AR keynote this year. Showcases in Worms and Hamburg will launch in September 2023.
Anne's artst name is She's Excited! She produces and performs Indie Pop (live e.g. at DigitalAnalog, MONDO NYC). As sound artist she creates interactive sonic journeys and performance art pieces (showcased e.g. at Ars Electronica Festival, Waterkant Festival).

Sessions (TBD)

Speaker at 1E9 Events

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Anne Wichmann
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