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Dirk Reich

COO as Intrapreneur


Grown up in a small family business, Dirk got to know early the highs and lows a business can go through. Thus the basis and interest for a comprehensive view on business was set. Through his studies in Business Engineering and Management and later his Executive MBA (HSG) the theoretical basis was strengthened and the holistic picture sharpened.

Strange enough that he stayed his whole professional career in only one company. BSH Home Appliances (former: Bosch and Siemens Home Appliances) offered him the possibility to work in various fields and on different sites in Germany and abroad. He worked close to the actual products which improve the quality at life at home of so many customers as well as on corporate strategy level and many areas in between.

His interest remained from the beginning: to learn about all sides of the business. His major interest here is the field of leadership, which is for him the final key to business success. He contributes with his know how to bridge the gap from the strategic level to execution.
Leading the BlueMovement Business Model offers him the possibility to bring in all his strength and built a circular business model. He believes in a world where BlueMovement and BSH can make peoples live easier and leave no waste from home appliances behind.

Besides work, he is a passionate sailor and enjoys the time with his wife and his three kids on the water.

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Festival der Zukunft 2022

Festival der Zukunft 2022

Dirk Reich
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