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Liz Madaras



Team leader and scientist. Development of novel fossil based plastic eating bacteria and investigation of fungi for fast-tracking PLA composting processes.Leading one of Forbes’ hottest start-ups of Hungary. Under her leadership poliloop became one of the earliest stage companies to participate in a Techstars program and managed to close a large seed round during a global pandemic in 2020. Thanks to her efforts poliloop was an Earthshot Prize nominee and has been selected to become part of the Alliance to End Plastic waste program. She is part of the BMW Foundation Sustainable Leaders Network and was named Manager of the Future 2020 by the Hungarian Association of Executives, winner in the Falling Walls Venture Lab pitch competition in 2021 and in the Energy Globe Award (category: Earth). She has strong diplomatic and communication skills, focuses on the details that matter, while not losing sight of the big picture. Her critical thinking has been crucial for the success’ of poliloop. Provisionary patent application with the USPTO regarding the biodegradation of fossil-based plastics via a bacterial consortium.

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Liz Madaras
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