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Maru Winnacker

Managing Partner

Urania Ventures

Maru Winnacker is an Entrepreneur & Managing Partner of Urania Ventures.

Urania Ventures is a French-German private investment company with a global portfolio. As an evergreen fund, Urania is committed for the long term to backing scientific breakthrough technology founders who strive to serve humanity for the better. The investment focus is space technology, sustainable aero, and robotics. Urania believes in science as a critical driver for innovation and the responsibility to invest in courageous leaders early. Selected direct investments include Interstellar Labs, Robéaute, and SurfAir. As a long-term investor, Urania Ventures also takes LP positions in global venture capital funds, such as Red River West, Global Ventures, and Prime Mover Labs.

Before joining Urania Ventures, Maru Winnacker founded Super Group, an advisory firm backing visionary global leaders with a purpose-driven tech focus. She created value through growth capital access and strategic partnerships and prepared founders for a potential IPO. Maru serves as Chairwoman on the board of Chemovator (the BASF Venture Builder), the foundation committee board of the BAYER Foundation, the advisory board of Beyond Gender Agenda, and the selection board of The Karman Project. Maru founded her first company, Germany's first luxury tea brand, in 2006 when she was 26.

In addition, she actively supports and mentors young, diverse talent and supports Space Founders as a mentor. Maru studied business administration (MBA) at European Business School (ebs) Oestrich-Winkel, San Diego State University (CA, USA), and Universidad Argentina de la Empresa (BA, Argentina).

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Festival der Zukunft 2022

Festival der Zukunft 2022

Maru Winnacker
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