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Sigrid Koeth

Innovation Manager


Sigrid Koeth is an Innovation Manager at SPRIND, the German Federal Agency for Disruptive Innovation. SPRIND offers a home for people with radical new ideas by creating an entrepreneurial environment that makes ideas become reality. The support is comprehensive as SPRIND finances ideas, helps put together teams and links them with the right networks from science, business, and politics.

Sigrid is an accomplished international executive with a passion to realize company’s vision, defining and implementing future-driven strategies and growing businesses through entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. She has over 20 years life science experience in pharma and biotech companies and worked in various positions along the pharmaceutical value chain in Europe, East Europe and Asia. Currently she supports start-up companies with hands-on experience in strategy development, general management and troubleshooting, fundraising, business development, and partnering.

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Speaker at 1E9 Events

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Sigrid Koeth
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