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Interactive Session

Arts & Culture, Future of the Web, Society, Web3


The Crypto Tavern "Puss in Boots" - on Hugs, Cats, and Cherry Brandy

28.6.24, 10:50



Future Box

The Crypto Tavern "Puss in Boots" is a cozy space to explore how crypto money can bring people together. During the info session, Max Haarich will airdrop millions of $HUX* tokens, a crypto-currency which allows you to create NFT images of cats and earn shots of cherry brandy - as soon as you cooperate and as long as supply lasts. The opening hours of the Crypto Tavern will be announced on a quinary pixel chronometer. But beware of crypto scammers who lure you into games that nobody can lose!

Participation is free but requires a Crypto Wallet for the Tezos Blockchain on your device (phone or laptop). We will have time to set up a wallet if you don't have one yet.

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