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Four days of summer, technologies and ideas for a better future!

July 3 - 5 2025, Munich


It was great! See you in 2025.

Wow, with around 1,500 participants on our conference days and over 10,000 on the family days, the Festival of the Future 2024 was a complete success! Thank you for the positive feedback you gave us. If you want to secure your place for 2025 now, grab it: Curious Cat tickets are still available at an unbeatable price.

Speakers & Artists

We have welcomed over 600 carefully selected speakers - from Nobel Prize winners in medicine to experimental philosophers - since our first conference in 2019. You can look forward to many thought leaders and visionaries again this year. Our confirmed speakers and artists for 2024 are:

Our unique Location

Art and talks in the impressive DOME, keynotes in the large IMAX cinema hall, live music and entertainment in the sunny Posthof and over 1,000 square meters of space for an interactive exhibition: the Forum of the Future at the Deutsches Museum is the perfect venue for an unforgettable event.

Talks & Panels

The Festival der Zukunft brings together the brightest and most creative minds from Germany and around the world. They present their visions for the future in lectures and debate ways to make our world a better place. They are ready to answer your questions and inspire you.

Arts & Culture

Technology without art? That's not possible. That's why the Festival der Zukunft also offers artists and creatives space and time to present their work. On the grounds, you can immerse yourself in XR worlds, experience interactive installations and even become part of art projects yourself. There will also be live performances and music!


The Festival der Zukunft is also hands-on! It's not just about talking and philosophizing, but also about getting down to work, developing ideas and learning together. In a variety of workshops on the festival site, you can become active yourself under the guidance of various experts, artists and technicians!

Good discussions!

Sure, the festival has a full agenda and the interactive exhibition also needs to be explored. But there are still plenty of opportunities and spaces to meet, network, talk and relax with fascinating people.


1E9, a start-up from Munich, is your guide to the future! Through journalism, at events and as part of a community, you will discover technologies and ideas for a better world with 1E9. Thoroughly researched articles, exclusive newsletters, in-depth podcasts, special events and a network with lots of exciting people: 1E9 provides you with the information, inspiration, tools, skills and contacts you need to shape the future. And it's fun too.


Forum der Zukunft

The Deutsches Museum is one of the world's largest science and technology museums with the richest tradition - and one of the leading locations for technical and scientific culture. The new Forum of the Future will be a creative meeting place - with changing special exhibitions and spectacular events. It is always about experiencing and trying out high-tech innovations and finding common answers to the question of which innovations will make the planet a better place.

Festival der Zukunft 2025
Festival der Zukunft 2025
03. Juli 2025, 09:00 – 04. Juli 2025, 22:00
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