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Speakers 2024

Bastian Burger


TUM Venture Labs

As a passionate innovator and experienced founder, I combine in-depth knowledge in the realms of startups, technology, and education. With a strong background in physics and management, I understand both the technical and business challenges facing today's companies.

My career is characterized by diverse experiences, starting with founding and leading blik, a pioneering startup in industrial IoT and intralogistics. As CEO, I guided the company from concept to market readiness, leading a team of 20 talents and securing prominent clients.

In my current role as a consultant and mentor, I assist scale-ups and medium-sized businesses in developing innovative growth strategies. My focus is on integrating digital components into existing product portfolios and enhancing user experience to ensure successful market positioning.

As a lecturer and researcher in the field of resilience and mental well-being of startup founders, I share my knowledge and experiences. My research at HHL Leipzig is dedicated to the well-being and narcissism among entrepreneurs, a topic of great significance for sustainable entrepreneurship.

My aim is to build a startup ecosystem in Munich that provides entrepreneurs with the support I missed in my own founding phase. Through my work, I hope to pave the way for future entrepreneurs and foster innovations that are both economically and ecologically sustainable.


Speaker at 1E9 Events

Festival der Zukunft 2024

Festival der Zukunft 2024

Bastian Burger
Festival der Zukunft 2024
Festival der Zukunft 2024
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