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1E9 had a lot of speakers since 2019. You can browse through them here.

Adja Diedhiou


Godmother Enterprise

Godmothers artistic career started very early and is very diverse:
As an actress, she stood on theater stages for ensembles such as "Lilja 4ever" in the Residenztheater in Munich. The all-rounder took part in the 'Curvy Supermodel' casting show in 2017 and managed to inspire people all over Germany up to the semi-finals. She continues to do so on social media with over 16,000 followers on TikTok, and also "lends" her voice to commercials and film. Even without digital releases, she was on stages with her own songs at festivals and other events.

Sessions (TBD)

Speaker at 1E9 Events

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Adja Diedhiou
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