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Daniel Krauss



Daniel Krauss is one of the three founders of FlixMobility and the current CIO where he is responsible for all technological aspects of FlixMobility including Business Intelligence, Online Product, Infrastructure and Software Engineering.

Prior to launching FlixBus, Daniel worked as technical manager for Microsoft, Siemens and Marquardt. Daniel studied business information systems at universities in Germany and China. He was born in 1983 in Neheim-Hüsten, Germany, and currently resides in Munich. Inspired by the deregulation of the German bus market, Jochen, André and IT specialist Daniel launched FlixBus in 2013; today, FlixBus is Europe’s largest long-distance mobility provider with 350,000 daily connections across 28 countries. The United States will be the 29th market, with a FlixBus USA launch scheduled for Summer 2018.

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Daniel Krauss
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