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Franz Josef Allmayer

Founder & Co-creator / / SEEDS

Franz Josef Allmayer is a citizen of SEEDS with cultural roots in Austria and Guatemala. These contrasting yet complementary perspectives have allowed him to question existing cultural paradigms built on scarcity and separation from an early age.

Dedication to the fields of innovation and integral development has enabled Franz to gather transdisciplinary experience working with international organizations, governments, the private sector, NGOs, academia, and many more. This process allowed him to recognize pervading patterns and embrace a holistic approach to development that effectively provides value towards the whole system.

Upon witnessing first hand the scale of the market failures of anthropocenic proportions, it became clear that the way we have organized money causes many of the challenges we face today. Reshaping and repurposing money such that it serves a world in which people and the planet thrive, motivates Franz to create the tools, processes, and on the ground collaborations to support the development of bioregional economies of abundance.

A serial entrepreneur and regenerative practitioner, he serves as a founding member and co-creator at Integrity.Earth, a digital venture cooperative with seat in Liechtenstein; SEEDS, a financial ecosystem and digital currency designed to unleash regenerative market forces; Hypha, a human-centered DAO building the tools to facilitate humanity’s transition to a globally regenerative and thriving civilization; COOPAEP a digital cooperative bank leveraging innovative structured finance vehicles to finance the transition towards a regenerative civilization and many more.

In his playtime, you can find Franz tinkering with ancient-future technologies and weaving together a growing planetary network of regenerative organizations at a local, national, and bioregional level —  all of which align around a shared vision for change.

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Festival der Zukunft 2022

Festival der Zukunft 2022

Franz Josef Allmayer
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