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1E9 had a lot of speakers since 2019. You can browse through them here.

Julia Bauer

Product Operations Manager

Genesis Cloud GmbH

Since November 2021 I've been part of the acceleration story of Genesis Cloud. With a lot of curiosity, an open mindset, and great team members, I'm challenging the status quo every day in order to improve the product as well as the (organizational) processes. I am an (operational) team member, manager, and supervisor at the same time which offers me a very unique view of different levels of company culture and its daily challenges.
Before my journey with Genesis Cloud, I worked at a small bank -- learning a lot about processes, the digital transformation of a traditional and strongly-regulated company, as well as the challenges of bringing people with different mindsets and of different ages together.
With a focus on improving myself and learning from the people around me, I am an empathic listener, believing in the energy of a great team spirit and optimistic thinking.

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Speaker at 1E9 Events

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Festival der Zukunft 2023

Julia Bauer
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