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Sascha Schwarz

Managing Director

TUM Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing

Sascha is leading the TUM Venture Lab Additive Manufacturing (TUM VL AM), a joint initiative by the Technical University of Munich (TUM) and the UnternehmerTUM, fostering the translation of excellent research into scalable and sustainable business ideas in the area of additive and advanced manufacturing (AM).

He is driven to empower the future AM experts and entrepreneurs by advising start-ups, enabling talents to access AM infrastructure, and scouting for new AM innovation opportunities, serving as a domain-specific expert for students, entrepreneurs, scientists, and industry.

Previously, Sascha worked as a senior scientist at the Chair of Robotics and Systems Intelligence of Prof. Sami Haddadin (TUM) in the areas of biorobotics and intelligent lab automation. Before that, Sascha pursued his Ph.D. research at the Munich University of Applied Sciences (MUAS, CANTER) and TUM in the area of bioprinting and material characterization, developing new methods for generating living organs from an engineer's perspective and through 3D printing.

While studying bioengineering and mechatronics at the MUAS, Sascha founded a start-up and a fablab (c.lab - a place for creativity) to inspire and onboard students on future key technologies such as IoT and 3D printing.

Ultimately, Sascha is driven to bring together biology and technology by harnessing nature's excellence and print a better future!

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Festival der Zukunft 2024

Festival der Zukunft 2024

Sascha Schwarz
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