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Guided Tour

Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Arts & Culture, Society


GUIDED TOUR: Machines Among Us: AI, Robots, and Humans

27.6.24, 11:30



Experience Area

Embark on a thematic guided tour through the Experience Area of the festival, where we unveil the latest advancements in robotics and artificial intelligence.

Witness the marvel of an advanced research robot from DLR, designed to revolutionize human care and empower autonomous living. Explore visionary projects from Fraunhofer at the intersection of technology, science, and design, including "Human AI," "Who's Deciding Here?," "Objective Design Award," and "Beyond The Machine." These fascinating initiatives demonstrate the symbiotic potential of AI in decision-making, creativity, and everyday tasks, but also the limitations of AI systems.

Meet the innovators behind these technologies and see firsthand how they are set to transform our interaction with machines.


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